Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

Moe Jones ::: yotsumono

` ` ;;;;;

aside from the rain
the city still beckons --
Autumn melancholy

under the best care
that your money can buy

remember Moe Jones?
his mother told us
he passed this weekend

all caught on tape
by that eye in the sky

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Sun Never Sets


A Place Where The Sun Never Sets __ cyber.monday

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Excerpts::December '09 Moon Viewing Party I

plumes of incense
from across the ocean

enough to warm an icy moon?


` 9

the swoop of tires at 3 am
no different than another night
but the crumpled moon
in pools of wan light
busy with a swirling snow

motorists scraping windshields
true to their impulsiveness
hiding destination more or less
from high in the sky prying eyes
mounted every quarter-mile

try to imagine - just imagine!
an ultimate authority
`some secret command
relayed down a long dark hill
to hand you your futility ...
who's - watching - now?

is it in
the steady drip of melt-off
from your damaged eaves?
`or the blackness of worn asphalt
to find the fault, mete punishments
all that obsidian world can offer?

` not likely, I'll proffer, don't take it lightly

the ceaseless bleat of a car alarm
that nobody does turn off
that staccato 'whoop!', the police car's siren,
it's Detroit iron, but you slept right through,
motor racing, strobe lights tracing,
in full speed pursuit down REM avenue

or maybe
when the night's people
merge street to street to shadow,
`petulant menace in the carriage of their voices,
their dope, their lies, their guns,
their chips on their shoulders, their choices?

see me motionless
in the alleyway
`quiet, hooded smoke
from a roach thrown away
a little joke spoke'n'toke I dare say
names and authors scratched in soft brick

do they wonder then, am I
the final authority?
`a look over the shoulder,
fear on hold but colder,
defiantly reliant enough
to amble down the street

then I realize
no one's in charge here
`nobody is... it is what it is -
the snow turns back to rain,
cold light reflects off a dark road,
and that moon - well, its just gone

Basho's Bastard

` 0.o6

busy with swirling snow
hiding their real destination
that nobody wants to turn off
is it
not likely
seeing me
might they wonder
no one's in charge here?
and that moon - well, its just gone


one or two passages
from Henry Thoreau's journal
the most I've ever heard
how many winters passed
since I learned to view the moon?


Friday, November 24, 2017

To Have and Have Not

hot again ::: yotsumono

a seagull diving
catches up to its cries --
Lake Mallalieu

kinetic theory
its rippling arc bending

pomade, coffee, talcum,
clean clothes, too -
the Fat Man's stick is hot again

a note, but no name,
and roses, just shy a dozen


Thursday, November 23, 2017

St. Paul And The Broken Bones: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Presented for yoor drinki' 'n dinin' pleasure on this here national holiday, y'all ...

... reminds me of watching Willie and the Bees
at the Triangle when the horn section stepped
off the stage onto the bar and did some walkin'!
this outfit ain't that lively - only band I ever
seen where the front man carries the sidemen -
but that cat singin', the mild mannered bank
teller by day, screamin' soul sender by night!
"... it ain't hot up in here. We're from Alabama ..."

Now git y'ass up an' boogaloo off sum'a that cream cheese, baby ... boogaloo, bein' the Fourth Law of Thermodynamics, an' all.
We done proved summa them principles in our last expear'mint ...

Haikai, it's just science, man.

**** BONUS tRACK *** fEEL THE LOVE ***sOUL sENDER ****

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Lake In November ::: thermodynamics & the kinetic theory of matter

each snowflake,

` its own ripple

the lake in November

` its own ripple,

each snowflake

. . . ;;;;;

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November ::: yotsumono

November --
countless raindrops to measure
the length of a day

a veil of frost
tints Johari's window

ranks of children
prone and obedient
to a flickering image

Lebensraum -
a none too distant dream

` ` ;;;;;


... geese rummage through the stubble ... a kernel of corn left on the toolbox lid ... a flight of geese, or two, three even, couldn't find a formation ... the north pole is moving - may end up at 10 Downing St; they'll decide to tax carbon emissions claiming it's hot as Hades ... how will they tax electric cars? ... not at the utility level that uses coal, oil, NG to create the electricity to charge your batteries, at $200,000 a throw, provided by Mr. Musk as he wrings the Fed dry for special compensation, having not had a profitable year yet with Tesla ... they'll sell each other Carbon Credits, licenses to pollute middle managed by a Squid from hell with its tentacles in everything, fined for its indiscretions to fatten government coffers on a regular basis, a quid pro quo for the big boys and nothing more ... the Sun creates cycles, not ants running amok on a child's toy ball ... much like the Medicaid system, Big Hospitals like Regions and their merger and acquisition corporate model turning us into statistical data points of "successful" Preventive Medicine measures taken to assuage the legislators who cough up extra $$ each year in special session to sustain them. Watch out for the statins - they'll give you Amnesia among other mood swings, ladies, I've witnessed first hand, been called a liar for it by Primary Physicians in charge ... your brain thrives on cholesterol, btw ... although, sociopaths in the system are rewarded, even as you fawn over their Authority. I met one - as a test I made him forget his name - he failed miserably, yet he still lingers, unexposed, surrounded by worshipers ... he tried to hide his actions by having a phalanx of nurses block me from contacting my prescribing physician ... I was like an invading army laying siege to a kingdom, likely despised as well - if they despise me, do they not fear me, as well? ... 200,000 people die each year in hospital caused fatalities ... not to mention from radiation poisoning ... no one dares write a cause of death as such ...
your FDIC account insurance is per person, not each individual account ... when contagion happens you'll starve before you're paid ... no, you aren't allowed to include your children's names, not anymore ... all their models are based on isolated bank failures ... there will be a bank holiday, since no one will actually default ... Canada ... is Xfinity a terrorist organization? most of its customers believe so, preferring to call it a monopoly ... I call them dirty names, not even having patience for the poor souls of India who believe employment there a way out of poverty. I don't swear at them. I might taunt them, ask how they get by without a currency ... I told one individual to not take the commission job until he learned English. I helped him for an hour then gave up ... This despite Americans not understanding English as well as they do ... In the past 100 years, 94% of the world's edible seed varieties have vanished. Today, 75% of the world’s food comes from only 12 plants and 5 animal species and could result in colossal famine that affects billions of people, and would put companies like Monsanto in control of the fate of human existence ... insist NOW that your U.S. Representative and Senators vote “NO!” on any scheme to extend Section 702 of FISA. It's scheduled to end on New Year's Eve, unless a phoney amendment is put in place alleging to correct this abomination. Don't be fooled. Under Section 702, our federal government (unconstitutionally) grants itself the ability to wiretap (with a secret warrant) and collect information on innocent Americans ... I don't even know what day it is ... I thought it was Sunday, all day ...